Why is it Important to Apply for the Employee Retention Tax Credit?

The employee retention tax credit is a new incentive designed to encourage employers to keep their best talent and retain the human capital that makes their business thrive. The credit can be claimed for the first, second, or third year of employment, provided that a qualified employee remains with the company for at least one year. Each qualification triggers an amount equal to 20 percent of the eligible employee’s first-year wages up to a maximum of $20,000 per employee per year.

It is important to apply for the employee retention tax credit for the following reasons;

Financial Relief

The Employee Retention Tax Credit allows businesses to keep skilled workers on board. This can help them reduce turnover costs and improve productivity, ultimately increasing profits for the business. In addition, it provides a financial incentive for employers to retain employees by paying them higher wages than they would otherwise receive without the tax credit in place.

Retain Skilled Workers

It’s common knowledge that a company’s success depends on having a diverse workforce with different skill sets. Many companies need help retaining their best talent because they need more money to offer competitive salaries or benefits packages, especially compared to other companies in their industry sector.

A refundable credit

Any employee who qualifies for the employee retention tax credit will receive a refund check from the government. It also means that if you do not qualify for this credit, you cannot deduct any expenses from your taxable income.

Boost Employee Morale

The employee retention tax credit incentivizes companies to keep employees, boosting morale and productivity. Employees are more likely to stay with a company with the proper training. A United States Small Business Administration study found that companies that offered training programs had a 70 percent greater chance of retaining their employees.

Stimulate the Economy

The economy benefits from an increase in the number of people working for a certain company or industry because it adds to the demand for products and services. The more people employed by a business, the greater its ability to pay wages and salaries and thus create new jobs, which also stimulates economic growth in other industries.

Reduce tax liability

Keeping your employees on your payroll longer than usual will reduce your overall tax liability for the year because it reduces the amount of money being paid out as salary or wages, which are subject to Social Security taxes. It also reduces the amount paid out as an employer contribution towards Social Security taxes.


There are many small businesses that don’t qualify for this tax credit, and they’re missing out on some much-needed savings. The employee retention tax credit benefits business owners and can save them thousands of dollars if applied correctly. Whether you are an entrepreneur creating jobs or an employee using this credit in a new position, it’s worth knowing that you can apply for it. Filing for this credit can be as easy as giving your company a call to answer some questions.

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