Understand the Safepay feature offered by Airtel Payments Bank?

Digital Technology has brought the world closer and made our life easier but has increased the chances of scams and frauds. To safeguard the customers from the increasing incidents of digital payment frauds, Airtel came up with the safest mode for making an online payment. Airtel recently launched a new feature called ‘Safe Pay’ for making digital payments for its Airtel Payments Banks users. The safe pay feature adds an extra layer of authentication that protects all digital transactions against possible banking frauds. With this new feature by Airtel, the users making UPI or any Net banking payments via Airtel Payments Bank do not have to fear losing money from their accounts without their consent.

‘Airtel Safe Pay’ is India’s-First innovation that leverages Airtel’s ‘telco exclusive’ power of network intelligence that offers an added layer of payment verification compared to other industry norms of two-factor validation. Safe pay provides the highest level of protection to your online transactions from potential frauds such as stolen passwords or credentials, phishing, or even phone cloning that catches unware users.

Using this feature by Airtel, Airtel Payments Bank users can make digital payments safely and securely across thousands of merchants, utilities, online retailers and also send money to other accounts. Opening an Airtel Payments Bank account is just a matter of a few minutes, and they can enjoy huge benefits while making secure online transactions.

‘Safe Pay’ feature is available to all the users who have Airtel Payments accounts. With an Airtel Payments Bank account, you can have a maximum balance limit of Rs. 1 Lakh, making it a perfect secondary account for users for daily transactions. You can also link any UPI code to your Airtel Payments Bank account, this way there is absolutely no exposure to any of your primary bank account.

This newly launched feature by Airtel is absolutely free of charge and you can activate it by logging into your Airtel Thanks app. Here, you go to the home screen of the bank section or go to payment settings in the more section of the bank home screen. In any of the sections, you have a Secure Pay option; on clicking this, you will be taken to the Secure Pay settings screen, you can enable it safe pay from here.

How to enable Airtel Safe Pay

Step 1- Open your Airtel Thanks application on your mobile phone.

Step 2-Click on the banking section from the bottom menu.

Step 3- Click on Safe Pay.

Step 4-Click on the toggle button to activate it.

Step 5- Check for UPI as well as net banking options.

How does Safe Pay work?

For example, if you are making an online payment via UPI on the Airtel Payments Bank. While doing this process, you have to enter the 4-digit MPIN to complete the payment transaction. Now with Airtel Safe Pay activated, you will get an additional alert on the screen to “accept” the payment. So, this is an additional layer of protection added to your transactions online.

So, no need to worry now; just activate ‘Airtel Safe Pay’ feature, and do all your digital transactions or open a digital account absolutely stress-free without worrying about your money.

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