The Essentials of Asset Based Lending


Businesses, at some point, face cash flow problems. And finding good financing sources to boost the cash flow may also be a challenge. This has never been truer, especially now when banks have strict rules for handing out loans. Small businesses are highly affected by these. Luckily, many alternative lenders are coming out and about to assist such companies.

One of them is asset-based lending. Just like the name indicates, it is a financing option based on a company’s assets. In this regard, the company’s physical and non-physical assets act as collateral for the loan. If the company fails to meet the payment requirements, the lenders use these assets to repay the loan. Some of the assets used include equipment, purchase orders, intellectual property, inventory, and real estate property.

One thing making asset-based lending beneficial is the fact that it is flexible. That is because the lending terms are based on asset-backed financing. The companies can receive low-interest loans with extended repayment periods. Besides that, asset-based lending comes along with several advantages. Here are just some of the few in detail.

Greater Spending Flexibility

One of the most significant benefits of asset-based lending is having greater spending flexibility. Compared to traditional and other alternative loans, asset-based lending doesn’t have limitations. Once the loan is approved and transferred to the borrower’s account, they can use it immediately. Even better, the business can use the finances to secure or handle time-sensitive business opportunities.

Instant Boost in Cash Flow

Of course, asset based lending is to finance clients’ business. And one assurance is that it ensures an instant boost in cash flow for the borrowers. The best part is that the borrowers will not have to worry about lengthy approval processes. As long as the borrower can meet the set qualifications like pledging a good asset, the capital will be available immediately. Borrowers who acquire more assets for their companies will have better access to high loan amounts.

Improved Portfolio

Another benefit of asset-based lending is that it helps people to improve their credit portfolios. It gives people the chance to expand their credit portfolio, which provides them with access to better loans. A diverse portfolio is the best way to look into the lender’s eye. It even gets better if one makes the required payments on time. It will increase one’s credit score and increase their chances of getting other loans in the future.

Fewer Restrictions

Asset-based lending also comes with fewer restrictions compared to traditional loans. Here, the borrowers are not under the limitation on how to spend or use the loan. Alongside that, these kinds of loans often don’t require the amount to be paid off in fixed timetable requirements. The repayment terms are flexible and allow the borrowers to pay off the debts when they are most suitable. So, it is a great idea to choose a provider with fewer restrictions.

When choosing an asset-based lender, it is an excellent idea to check on their flexibility. Also, look at the assets they use as collateral.

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