Online Trading Academy Sets Sights on New Crypto Program; Aims to Educate Investors

As pivotal leaders in online education regarding trading, investing, and digital asset management, Online Trading Academy has been a major resource for everyday investors for the better part of the past 25 years. Originally founded by CEO Eyal Shahar, Online Trading Academy has stayed in the headlines for its focus on investor preparedness, most recently making headlines for its focus on cryptocurrency and other digital assets.

As the world of investing coalesces around digital assets and what they offer, individuals like CEO Eyal Shahar and his team at Online Trading Academy are only going to become increasingly important.

In today’s discussion, we’ll explore how Online Trading Academy is connecting investors to the integral information that they need to find success at the highest levels of trading.

Precipice of Digital Frontier

Rewind the clock back to the mid-90s and you’ll find a very different digital world. The onset of the digital dot-com bubble was ever present and its availability to everyday investors was sending a shockwave throughout the economy. That bubble burst, of course, but the opportunities it presented were very real.

Merlin Rothfeld is the Senior Director overseeing the new Crypto Education Program launched by Online Trading Academy. Pointing to the dot-com bubble when referencing today’s push for cryptocurrency, “We are at the precipice of a new economy. Whether you are a skeptic or a raging fan, cryptocurrencies and digital assets are transforming traditional, centralized models.”

When discussing the impact that digital assets will have on future economies, Rothfeld was sure to highlight some key industries including healthcare, education, insurance, banking, and other centralized exchanges. Rothfeld added, “Decentralized businesses are beginning to thrive and are presenting an abundance of investing and trading opportunities.”

About Digital Assets and OTA

Founder Eyal Shahar has been a vocal proponent of digital assets and their place in society. With that being said, Online Trading Academy operates on informed and responsible risk management, which can lead to potential missteps without the right information.

Students looking to engage with an Online Trading Academy for the purposes of learning to better manage digital assets will want to take part in the free introductory course titled Crypto Foundations. This free introductory course offers six total video lessons designed to help educate everyday investors about the possibility of digital assets and the future of cryptocurrency.

If the course feels like a fit, investors are suggested to take part in the Digital Assets program, which entails a comprehensive overview of digital assets, cryptocurrencies, and how to manage money while working in this field.

Rothfeld hopes individuals will take the Digital Assets course seriously so that they can take advantage of current opportunities as they are presented. Rothfeld added, “Digital Assets are so much more than Bitcoin.”

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