Corona virus related scams to be aware of these days

The Health crisis reminds you more than ever of ever-present scammers looking on the internet. Omar Shafran‘s attempt to play with the patients, laboratory owners and investors is still fresh in the media.

Besides, iIt is important to remember that there are currently no foods, air purifiers, lamps, food supplements or essential oils … which protect or cure the coronavirus. Therefore any presentation of products (food or not) other than vaccines claiming to protect or cure the coronavirus is a deceptive commercial practice.

Coronavirus tests are only carried out by health authorities to confirm a diagnosis.

Any company or individual offering you screening is not competent in this matter. The state does not provide testing kits directly to citizens. There is no certification of conformity by an authorized European body of references for self-diagnostic tests for Covid-19. And no product of this type should be sold to consumers. No screening kit can therefore be sold on the internet and sent by post. Any offer of testing that appears to come from government services is a scam to obtain your personal details, especially your bank details. Likewise, the State or State agencies do not offer a containment kit comprising a mask, hydroalcoholic gel, thermometer or other medical equipment.

Beware of fraudulent websites.

Fraudulent websites seek to sell drugs claiming to be effective. Effectiveness could encompass against the virus or drugs intended for the treatment of other diseases (HIV, malaria, etc.), which are the subject of research in the fight against the virus. The sale of these is only possible on medical prescriptions and in pharmacies. Acquiring these medicines online is illegal. And may expose you to serious risks to your health (side effects or even fake medicines).

Certificates of travel during periods of lockdown

They are free. Do not fall victim to websites that offer to issue you travel certificates for remuneration, and these are scams. Be careful also for sites offering to publish a digital version of this certificate. You are likely to provide particularly sensitive personal data. Only official certificates printed, copied on plain paper or digital issued by the Ministry of the Interior are valid.

The decontamination of private housing

The decontamination of private housing has not yet been planned by the state services. People claiming mandatory decontamination have no permission to enter your home fraudulently.

Fane charity platforms

Some individuals illegally exercise the activity of intermediaries in crowdfunding. They take advantage of the outpouring of solidarity to help caregivers by organizing appeal platforms for donations or jackpots. Ensure the identity of the professional and the destination of your donations before making a money transfer. The same vigilance must apply to appeals for donations in support of certain sectors of activity (publishing, catering, animal shelters, etc.).

Financial investments

We must remain vigilant in the face of offers of financial investments. In the current context, these offers can take different forms: investments in so-called “safe-haven” securities (gold, precious metals, wine, etc.). Or advantageous investments in companies supposed to generate profits during the Coronavirus epidemic. Check the reliability of the companies behind these offers. Consult the lists drawn up by the companies that have received a warning or have usurped the identity of regulated actors.

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