All you Need to Know About Pet Insurance

The vast majority of Australian cat and dog owners have some form of pet insurance, and for good reason, as keeping your pet healthy can be a costly business, and with a range of pet insurance policies, there’s bound to be one that best meets your needs. If you are soon to become a pet owner in Australia, here is a brief rundown of a few of the pet insurance policies on offer.

  1. Accidental Injury Cover – This is a popular policy that covers treatment received for an accidental injury, and with a choice of $0, $100, or $200 excess per incident, you can decide how much risk you want to take on. If you search online for Pet Insurance Australia reviews, you will see that many pet owners are more than happy with this premium pet insurance provider. If you are happy to cover regular healthcare costs that your cat or dog might incur, then the accidental injury cover policy is ideal, and you can choose whether or not there is an excess payment.
  2. Accidental Injury & Illness Cover – As the name suggests, this policy covers not only injuries sustained from an accident, but also any illnesses suffered by your pet. This policy also includes any emergency boarding fees, in the event you are hospitalised and have to put your pet into a boarding facility, and the policy also covers any overseas medical treatment your pet requires when holidaying with you at an overseas destination. Of course, there are terms & conditions, as with any insurance cover, and you are advised to read through the terms & conditions before making any decisions.
  1. Major Medical Cover Plus Routine Care Cover – This very popular policy covers your pet for medical bills incurred from either accidental injury or illness, as well as routine care cover. Routine care cover items include a $50 maximum benefit for vaccinations, deworming, microchipping, behavioural therapy and dog training at a recognised dog training centre. This policy is very comprehensive, covering most eventualities, and in the event your pet requires serious medical treatment, up to 80% of the costs would be covered by this policy.
  1. Tailored Policies to Suit your Needs – While some pet insurers are very rigid in the policies they offer, you’ll be happy to learn that some pet insurance providers are happy to tailor the policy to best suit your requirements.

If you would like to browse through the many policy variations from Australia’s number one pet insurer, a Google search will help you locate the best company, and once you have looked at the various policy choices, a secure online payment is all it takes you have your pet covered from day one. Such a reputable pet insurer would also offer a 21-day cooling off period, during which you can cancel the policy at any time during that period without any obligation on your part.

Don’t take any chances when it comes to your pet’s health cover, and by taking out some form of pet insurance, your savings will not be wiped out in the event you dog or cat requires serious medical treatment.

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